First National Real Estate Lakeshores - Landlord Testimonials for properties on the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie

Thanks Katelyn for your continued excellence in looking after our property at a Wyee Point. We never have to worry!

B & R Chandler
Wyee Point

Lakeshores has given our Company great service in the assest/property owned by it as an investment. Our feedback and maintenance issues have been addressed in detail and expediency. Our tenants are exceptional and we have great faith and trust in Lakeshores professional expertise. 

C Vance
Mannering Park

Since Lakeshores has taken over our property management, I have noticed the diffrence in timley responses I get, she has made my experience with First National much better.
They have shown a very professional attitude and I am thankful for their ongoing assistance.

G Bennett
Hamlyn Terrace

Lakeshores First National has been excellent at the job. I just have to call and my request is done. Nothing is ever a proplem, we hope to continue our working relationship with them. Thanks again.

H Macleod
Summerland Point

Lakeshores manages my property rental and maintenance issues in a couteous and proffessional way. I live 200 kms away and take considerable comfort in the fact that my rental property is managed more effectivley than I could do myself.

G Barlow & K Barlow
Wyee Point

Katelyn is one of the best Property Managers that I have come across. Having come over from another Real Estate with a stack of problems that had to be dealt with; like tenants behind on their rent and money that had to be chased up held in trust funds by other Real Estate and so on.
When a property became vacant Katelyn would inspect the home and tell me what rent was achievable and she has always achieved what she has quoted and also been able to find tenants that qualify and up till now no problems.

J Ayoub
Mannering Park

Lakeshores Property Management is absolutely fantastic. Always communicates to us re: maintenance issues which we did not receive from our previous real estate.
Communication regarding any maintenance for our home is very important to us, as we want to keep our property well maintained. Financially Lakeshores always ensures that the tenants up to date with the rent. They also advised us when the rental amount should increase.
The girls are very easy to get along with and remain totally professional.

J Azzopardi
Mannering Park

Lakeshores is fantastic! They are the best property managers we have had for the entire time we have owned the investment properties (nearly 15 years!).

They have come in and tidied up what was a very messy situation and rectified it. I have a lot of trust in their judgement and appreciate the honesty and professional approach in getting things done properly. The girls are lovely to deal with, very polite and always on the look out to improve the situation.

Your property management is a real gem and I'd hate to see them go from First National - they have saved our investment property from going to ruins! Thank you, you deserve to be recognized for doing an above average job.

S B Ermington
Mannering Park